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Authentic Italian passion.

Our Mission - Excellence

Gustotek is an innovative company born with the aim of spreading the culture of Italian fresh pasta all over the world by offering a system of professional equipment designed and produced according to the principles of Lean design & manufacturing.

Quality and Reliability

The quality of Gustotek processes and products is the result of constant research and development, carried out since its foundation within the Polo della Meccatronica in Rovereto, the Italian innovation center where every detail of the our machines is designed and developped.

Design and Technology

Constantly evolving research, the use of cutting-edge technologies, innovative materials and attention to functional design – all these aspects gave life to a range of products of the highest quality, which perfectly adapt to any environment making your everyday work easier.

100% Made in Italy

Gustotek designs and manufactures all its products in Italy, implementing Lean production processes, always respecting the surrounding environment and health. The elimination of waste enhances fluidity and speed in the supply cycle of our products all over the world.

Technology meets passion

The passion for Italian cuisine, for healthy and genuine food, meets technology and engineering excellence to create professional solutions that can produce true fresh Italian pasta

Taste and Technology

Gustotek was born with the aim of designing, producing and marketing equipment for the preparation, storage, cooking and distribution of fresh pasta following an industrial approach that combines the taste of beauty with the most advanced design and construction technologies of Lean design & Manufacturing. The application of the Toyota Production System to the entire organization and to the supply chain puts the customer at the center of every business decision, satisfying even the highest demands. In this way, we are able to fulfill all customization requests of our machines by always recommending and creating the best solution for each application.

Witness of culture

Gustotek wants to spread around the world the culture of Italian pasta, the excellence of raw materials, the correct preparation of food. It wants to be the bearer of a message of health and well-being that comes from proper nutrition, but also to raise awareness among end consumers about issues such as hygiene, food safety, quality of the materials and machines that are used to produce it. Gustotek wants to be the promoter of a virtuous circle that enhances quality in every aspect, through a careful approach to the customer and his needs that go beyond the satisfaction of the palate.


Professional solutions to produce fresh pasta, a symbol of quality and authentic Italian tradition

Gustotek srl
Via Fornaci, 6
38068 Rovereto (TN)
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