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A new level of performance


The adaptability of GT Line machines guarantees the possibility to easily and quick increase the productivity up to 8 kg when kneading thanks to the KGT006 and KGT008 kits. Doing so, your machine can follow the development and growth of your business and adapt to the changes in production demands.


Maximum hygiene. Thanks to the FAST GT LINK system, the tank for dough kneading can be easily placed into your dishwasher, ensuring the absolute cleanness of all parts of the machine which are in contact with the dough and, at the same time, eliminating the time-consuming manual cleaning process required for different machines.

Removable tank easy to put into your dishwasher



The minimalist aesthetics in combination with the attention to details during the production phase makes GT Line the main object in any culinary show. The production of fresh pasta in such contexts as ceremonies, parties, restaurant shows becomes an interesting highlight and a pleasure to show.


Advanced technology and innovative components. The transmission system is controlled by the steel toothed-wheel and moto-gear reductor. Thus, the belt pulley and chain transmission have been eliminated in order to ensure the machine best reliability in time.


Using 63,5 mm diameter dies, which is the recognized standard in the fresh pasta extrusion market, makes it possible to use units from various manufacturers, as well as to reuse already exhisting dies. The flexibility and simplicity in the dies replacement ensure the effective production of various types of pasta.


The quality of the used materials is clearly visible when looking at the tank for dough kneading, which is completly made of AISI 304 stainless steel complying with the most stringent hygiene standards. The machine chassis is also made of stainless steel to ensure the longest service-life to our custumers, even under harsh conditions and, of course, to facilitate the operations for its cleaning.


Noiselessness. Operators are oftern afraid of additional noise, vibrations and disturbances in the surrounding environment because the acoustic pollution can become a factor of low-level comfort for those working nearby the machine. GT Line Body is completely sound-proofed in order to minimize noise in your kitchen.


Technological, performing but at the same time easy to use and, above all, versatile. GT Line machines transform a complex process into a simple operation, available to everyone. A “smart machine”, which makes even the daily cleaning operations simple, thanks to the tank that can be easily removed and washed in your dishwasher. GUSTOTEK is also a project focused on new eating habits, designed to give the possibility to quickly use two separate tanks for two types of dough. This option helps avoid flour contamination to meet the needs of customers with food allergies or intolerances.

Perfection in every detail


Professional solutions to produce fresh pasta, a symbol of quality and authentic Italian tradition

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